Staying in a Luxury Condo in Bangkok

It’s true that you will feel great to own a luxury condo in Bangkok.  However, before you think of buying the same, it’s necessary that you understand the responsibilities, rules and other formalities that come along with staying in a luxury condo.

Staying in a luxury condo – right or wrong

Before you start looking for a luxury condo in Bangkok, ask yourself the following questions, and if you find most of the answers to be yes, go ahead and start looking for a new condo.

·         Do you love the communal aspect of living in a condominium? Yes, it’s true that you will be the sole owner of your own unit, but it will be a part of a community, and you have to participate in various activities for the upkeep of the condominium.

·         Are you prepared to contribute towards running and governing cost of condos? Every condominium is run and governed by a board so that they are able to lead a happy and problem-free  life. Are you prepared to attend the meetings, participate and contribute for increasing the wellness of the condo?

·         Do you think you can fulfil the responsibilities of being a condo owner? Your responsibilities will include repairing and maintaining your own unit, following the rules of the condo’s board, abiding by its rules and respecting the rights of the other condo owners.

·         What are the amenities you are looking for? If you are looking for amenities like fitness center, swimming pools, wellness spa, and concierge services, you must be ready to bear the extra cost too.

Thus, if you feel that most of the answers to the questions above are yes, you can start looking for a luxury condo in Bangkok.

Myths related to condo living

Now, while you start looking for condos in Bangkok, you may hear certain myths that are famous about condos. Do not get carried away by them. Some myths are mentioned here.

#1 Condo fees are fixed. In reality, they may vary as there may be certain expenses that will lead to this increase, like a major repair work undertaken.

#2 Live carefree in a condominium. Yes, you can live on your own in a condo, but remember that you have other condo owners in the community, and you need to abide by the rules set by the board of your condo. You have to be a part of the condominium community.

#3 The condominium corporation is responsible for repair and maintenance of your unit. Before you buy a condo, make it clear as to what is the responsibility of each condo owner and what are the responsibilities of Condo Corporation. Generally, the corporation repairs a part of condo, but you also have to take the responsibility of repairing of your condo.

Thus, when you are looking forward to staying in a luxury condo, it is obvious that you love the lifestyle of these places. However, you need to make sure that you will be comfortable staying there, else it may become a problem for you and your family in the near future.