Making Your Home Homier with a Patio

Patios are outdoor areas of a house that is built for the main purpose of recreation and dining. These areas are also normally paved, often adjoining two residences. These are also commonly described as paved inner courtyards between a garden and a residence.


Patios have different styles and designs. Skillion is a classic patio style with a flat roof falling away from the structure, which can either be attached to construction or freestanding. It is usually built and linked to the fascia, while the front of a roof is braced on beams and posts.

Another patio style is the Structural Box Gutter. Unlike Skillion, its flat roof falls back in the direction of a house. This design also lets you manipulate the height of a patio or position of the gutter, making it more effective during rainstorms. On the other hand, the Gable design offers a larger patio area – enabling better air ventilation.

Flyover is another patio design in which the roof is being supported below by your house roof. This particular design allows better air circulation and increase in light. In the Combination style, however, your Gable patio includes Skillion side wings.

Aside from these designs, you can make your patio extra special by adding features. These features include gates, screens, doors, and enclosures.

Having a gate, specifically one with self-closing hinges and a lockable latch, can increase the security and the safety in your patio. Screens are also used for added security, privacy, and protection from external elements.

When it comes to door fittings, there are different types that you can choose from. Sliding doors improve access to your patios, allows more light to enter, and gives an illusion of larger space.

Bi-fold doors provide great indoor views when you are on your patio, as well as letting you have uninterrupted access going to and from inside the house. French doors, like Bi-folds, are swinging doors that do not stack. They are commonly installed in pairs.

Installment of glass enclosures is another budget-friendly way of incorporating a lounging area into your home. Having a screened room can improve your lifestyle, as well as provide better air ventilation and protection from external elements.

Having a patio in your home will surely improve your lifestyle, providing you with endless possibilities on how you can put it into good use. On a good day, you can lounge there while reading a book and drinking tea. When you have guests, you can entertain them in this area of your house.

Brisbane is known for its humid weather and having a patio in your house is a great way to keep cool on a very hot day or stay dry and warm in colder days. Patios Brisbane residents have different varieties such as design, structure, and features.

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