Is It Time to Invest in a New Heating and Cooling System? Find Out

Heating and cooling manufacturers advise that you should replace your heating and cooling system as soon as it gets to the end of its expected lifespan. In most cases, the system’s lifespan is estimated to be ten to fifteen years. Most people do not heed this advice. This is due to the fact that replacing the system is costly. While the age of the system is a valid factor to consider when contemplating on changing your system, certain signs can help you know that you need to hire HEATING & COOLING CONTRACTORS IN Central Minnesota to replace your system

Cracks on the Furnace

The heat exchanging unit is an important part of the furnace. It ensures that heat from the gas burners is properly transferred to the air which flows through the system. In case the heat exchanger has holes or cracks, it is important to hire HEATING & COOLING CONTRACTORS IN Central Minnesota to replace the entire appliance. In most cases, heat exchangers develop cracks when they get overheated or expand more than they should due to dirty air filter or old age.

Leaking Boiler                 

Just like furnaces, the gas boiler has a heat exchanger that is important to its overall health and performance. In a boiler, the exchanger is the area that holds water.  You can, therefore, know that the exchanger has a crack if you notice some water on the area below the boiler. Water outside the system, such as flooding for a long time, can also damage the boiler.  In case you realize that the boiler unit has rusted at the bottom, hire HEATING & COOLING CONTRACTORS IN ST. AUGUSTA, MN to inspect it.

Air Conditioners Perform Poorly

The air conditioner system has a shorter lifespan than the furnaces. They also require greater maintenance, especially their outdoor parts as they are exposed to extreme temperatures and weather changes. High-frequency repairs, reduced efficiency and production of excessive noise are indications that you need to replace the air conditioner.

High Heating and Cooling Cost

Liaise with the HEATING & COOLING CONTRACTORS IN ST. JOSEPH, MN to establish the cause of high energy expenses. Rising cost from the utility company may attribute to the high expense. However, the cost may go up due to less efficient cooling and heating system. You need to look at your energy bill and compare it with the previous readings. If the energy cost per unit has not changed, but the bill is high, the problem is likely in your heating and cooling system.

You are Planning to Sell Your Home

If you plan to place your home on sale, but the heating and cooling system is out of order, consider having HEATING & COOLING CONTRACTORS IN ST. STEPHEN, MN to replace it.  This will raise the value of your home. It will also make it easy for you to attract prospective buyers.


Find a qualified HEATING & COOLING CONTRACTORS IN Central Minnesota. You can locate the expert through a referral from an insulation or energy efficiency company, a friend or a builder. However, you still need to qualify the expert you are to hire. Remember he or she will be installing the system in your house. You would not afford to take chances. Check out H & S Heating and Cooling!