How to organize your wardrobe

Custom wardrobes Sydney shops sell have really changed the outlook of many people’s bedrooms in terms of organization. Despite owning this furniture meant to make dressing easier, many people still have difficulty finding what to wear or even finding something you are looking for. If any of these trouble you, then you need to organize your wardrobe. Here is a guide to organize your wardrobe easily.

custom wardrobes Sydney
custom wardrobes Sydney

Empty it

It’s important to take everything out of your wardrobe so that you can judge how much space you have and see how much clothes you have. It’s also critical for sorting out.

Assess the workspace

Custom wardrobes in Sydney can be made to suit your space needs, but people keep buying clothes so it can be limiting. It’s important you assess the space you have to tell how you are going to organize your clothes best and what would work for you. Having a clear picture of what you will be working with will also be beneficial in helping you know what you would do in terms of accessibility. Good thing is most custom wardrobes Sydney shops sell are made to fit your specific space type need in terms of shelves, hangers or drawers.


One by one pick each item and identify its use in terms of frequency. You can do this by creating different piles for different clothes.

1.     Frequent use – this one should be for clothes that you wear often compared to the rest of your wardrobe.

2.     Infrequent use – this pile would include special occasion clothes like party dresses, maternity clothes among others.

3.     Out of season – These are clothes that you will not be wearing for a long time, for example, because of the weather changes

4.     Giveaways – these are clothes in good conditions that you do not need any more and those you would give away to friends and children’s homes

5.     Rubbish – these are clothes in totally poor condition that cannot be worn again.

Deal with the sorted to piles

You can take away the clothes you do not need from the different piles like the ones you are intending to give away and the ones you should throw away. This will help create the much needed space in your room. It will also become less overwhelming as you will be dealing with a decreased number of clothes.

Working out where to put what

Put the clothes that you need to frequently access somewhere easily accessible, while those ones infrequently used and out of season somewhere not so close by.

Organize each space

You can get other organizing items like hangers depending on the design of your custom wardrobes Sydney shops sell to help you correctly fit your clothes to the desired locations.

Organizing your wardrobe can be very stressful; finding stuff is pretty much difficult too. However, by following the stated steps you can easily organize your wardrobe and prevent headaches. Furthermore, Sydney custom wardrobes can be designed also to suit your specific space needs, hence making your wardrobe organization easy.