Health benefits using standing desks

These days many job descriptions involve a lot of sitting for hours, which can be very detrimental to your health. What makes it even worse is no matter how many times you go to the gym, it cannot cancel the effects caused by sitting for long hours. It’s for this reason that a standing desk Brisbane shops sell has gained popularity in many offices because if used correctly, standing offers lots of health benefits to users of these desks. Below are some.

Standing Desk Brisbane

Reduced risk of obesity

Sitting around for hours has been found to have a positive correlation with obesity. This is because very few calories are burnt while sitting compared to those burnt standing up. The solution to reducing the risk of obesity therefore is employing consistent moderate movements all through the day and standing. This is made especially possible by incorporating astanding desk Brisbane shops sell into your routine.

Type 2 diabetes and risk of other metabolic problems reduce.

A correlation also has been found between sitting for long hours and reduced effectiveness in regulation of glucose levels in the bloodstream. This is part of a condition identified as metabolic syndrome that increases the risk of getting diabetes type 2. People who sit down for long hours, therefore, are said to have high levels of fasting blood glucose, which is an indication that their cells are becoming less responsive to insulin that triggers glucose absorption from the blood. A standing desk in Brisbaneoffices would help workers overcome these risks.

Cardiovascular disease

Standing reduces the likeliness of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and pains in the chest.

Cancer risk

People who sit down for long periods of time are at a higher risk of getting the different types of cancer. This has been tied to the fact that the c-reactive protein that is responsible for cancer development has a high occurrence in sitters than standing desk Brisbane users.

Increase life expectancy

As standing lowers the risk of getting cancer, cardiovascular diseases and obesity, this means it in the end leads to increased life expectancy.

How to integrate standing desks into your routine and reduce standing fatigue

1.     Use a gel mat with your standing desk as it lessens the pressure on the body and offers support to your feet.

2.     Your posture at the desk also matters. An upright posture while standing is best recommended to reduce fatigue.

3.     You can also switch sitting down and standing up to reduce chances of being fatigued.

4.     You can do simple exercises through the day at your desk like air squats to increase the circulation of blood in your legs.

Standing desks are one of the most direct solutions that eliminate the health risks that come with sitting down all day, not just in offices but also driving and watching television. Sitting is said to be responsible for increasing the risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2 and even reduced life expectancy. A Brisbane standing desk would be a great way to counter all these risks.