Five Qualities of Excellent Contractors

While many highly qualified building contractors exist in South London market, a good number of them do not just live up to the claims they make about themselves. For that reason, it only safe that you hire the most reliable builders in south east London to ensure that your project comes out as you expected.


Hiring an excellent contractor is the first step to determine a successful outcome of your building project whether it is a home, office, or a commercial building. With the best builders in south east London to carry out your project, your original plan can come out as expected. To avoid hiring under qualified contractors and have your project implemented to your expectations, consider the following qualities in your selection.

Get references: as the easiest ways to narrow your search, references are some of the previous clients that have had their projects done by your preferred contractor. In this option, it is advisable to get at least three references for a given contractor. If your preferred contractor cannot give you at least three references, that is a clear indication that they so do not meet your threshold of the quality.

For a contractor that gives you a list of references, take time to call up the individuals or their representatives. The bottom line is to get an honest opinion about the contractor from the people who have been on the ground with him. This can eventually reveal the contractor’s level of skill and reliability or any other issue that you may not have thought of.

Networking: it is important to hire a contractor with a strong network of subcontractors. Without a reliable network of subcontractors, you risk a project that can drag for a long time before completion, which may affect your schedule. A well-connected contractor will not waste time looking for subcontractors and this enables him to complete the project in time.

When selecting builders in south east London, insist on seeing a list of some of the subcontractors your preferred contractor has worked with. This can help you know if your contractor is connected to the best subcontractors to take up some of the difficult tasks in a building project. For instance, find out if your preferred contractor will engage the best subcontractor to install nest thermostats in your project.

Reliability: while it goes together with the first quality, there is need to reemphasise the benefits of a reliable contractor. If your contractor is not reliable, you cannot realise your dream of having a completed building on time, or you may not realise it at all. To avoid a dragging and frustrating building project, ensure you talk to the references and find out about their experiences with the contractor.

Competitive pricing: at the heart of an excellent contractor is ability to charge clients fairly for the services rendered. Pricing can be a fair way to gauge your contractor’s skill. If the quote is much lower than you expected, the quality of your contractor is questionable. However, extremely high prices do not guarantee high quality as well. Be wise and select a contractor that charges appropriately in accordance with their reputation.

Personality: finally, you need to get a contractor with a personality that matches yours. You will communicate with your contractor most of the time and if you cannot understand each other, you will not agree on a number of issues.

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