Find The Perfect Family Environment In Pelican Waters!

When most people think about Australia, they think of exotic venomous creatures, completely setting aside the fact that most of Australia isn’t just perfectly livable but absolutely beautiful too. The Waterside Land Sunshine Coast area of Pelican Waters is one of the most scenic places you can visit, and here’s why it’s the perfect place to start a family.

Waterside Land has been specially set aside to be a residential development with a family lifestyle set in mind. Not only do you get one of the nicest views and the best of the family friendly lots Sunshine Coast, setting up house there means that your residence is perfectly located to be close to Brisbane and the endless employment opportunities there, not to mention Caloundra’s nearby central business district. And nearby Sippy Downs of Queensland has been described as an Innovation Hotspot and Knowledge Hub, well on its way to becoming Australia’s very own Silicon Valley!

Pelican Waters proudly boasts an independent private school, a shopping village with major retailers that everyone will enjoy visiting, the parkland and town center for even more entertainment, and let’s not forget the pristine white sand beaches! In fact, Waterside just might be incomparable when it comes to finding family friendly land Caloundra areas. The railway and bus stations make it easy to take trips elsewhere, with Brisbane International Airport just an hour away.

The efficient transportation services of Pelican Waters go a long way to making Waterside Land Sunshine Coast one of Australia’s top tourism centers, drawing around four million people each year.  You can take the whole family to spend the day checking out the animals at the world-famous Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo or exploring the UnderWater World marine park without even leaving the Sunshine Coast! Read an article here at

The many spots and places to visit in Pelican Waters will encourage everyone in the family to develop their interests and skills, all while enjoying the safety of modern conveniences and the beauty that nature has to offer. You won’t find more national parks in all of Queensland, for the rich biodiversity has led to five individual parks, such as the Great Sandy National Park that extends all the way to Fraser Island.

The community of Pelican Waters and Waterside was planned with diversity in mind, ranging from the large courtyard lots Caloundra residences as home sites to apartments and villas you can choose from, depending on your family’s lifestyle and preferences. Families with small children who would love a large garden and yard to run around in as well as newlywed couples will find the community a very welcoming and pleasant place for building a life together.

With all its attractions and conveniences, Waterside Land Sunshine Coast is definitely a location to consider if you’re looking for somewhere to begin a new life with your partner or move your family to. For the prime real estate areas, check out to get the latest news and stay updated on great deals there, and start enjoying a new lifestyle in one of Australia’s most beautiful spots!