Breathe Healthy, Live Healthy

Poor indoor air quality is primarily due to improper cleaning of the home ventilation system. As the air ducts operate for longer hours without any attention, these ducts start circulating dust, odor, and other harmful bacteria in the air. This is when you need an air duct cleaning company to help maintain the quality of your indoor air. Moreover, keeping the air ducts clean help extend the life of these machines. In the long run, it will help save money while breathing fresher air.

When to Call an Air Duct Cleaning Company

air duct cleaning companyIf you have smokers in the household, consider cleaning the air duct regularly. Pets generally shed high amounts of dander and hair, which keep floating in the air and gets accumulated in the ducts. This is where experts of companies such as Willard Power Vac will help to eliminate any sort of damage caused by air contamination. Moreover, if you have patients suffering from asthma or allergies, cleaning the air ducts will help reduce the pollutants in the indoor air. Before you move into a new house, always consider cleaning the air ducts to avoid any unknown allergen or pollutant, which might be present in the ducts. It is also wise to schedule the cleaning after any sort of house remodeling or renovation.

Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning

About 25 to 40% of the energy consumed is totally wasted while cooling or heating our homes, which primarily happens because of the unclean air ducts. Danders, chemicals, and dust produced in a normal household get re-circulated about 5 to 7 times in a day. According to experts, it has been reported that in an average six-room house, there are about 40 pounds of dirt and dust collected in the air ducts every year. With this, you can calculate how dangerous it is to live in an environment where thousands of dust mites might thrive in one ounce of dust. Being a host to a plethora of fungi, bacteria and mold, it is necessary to call an air duct cleaning company regularly. One such company is Willard Power Vac, whose experts will help restore the condition of the air ducts efficiently. By eliminating offensive odors and harmful bacteria, you and your guests will enjoy a pleasant stay. Potential mold growth will also be reduced with regular cleaning. Indoor air quality might not always be the concern for the house owners but in the long term, it turns out to be a major cause for sickness. It is recommended to clean the air ducts every 3 to 5 years, but there is no harm if you do it more often. See more at Willard Duct Cleaning.

When you need to build a fence or put up wallpaper, it is easier to see whether the work is done properly or not, but this is not possible for the duct-cleaning boys. This is why you should believe in trusted names were there will be little risk involved. Hence, you must opt for the experts in Willard Power Vac, who will help you clean dirty ducts and provide a quality indoor air for you and your family to live a healthy life.