Analysis of the Industry Profile of the Sydney Furniture Removals Market

Sydney is one of Australia’s busiest real estate development and management markets in both the rental and homeownership spheres. There are always people relocating to different neighborhoods or businesses shifting their operational offices to new physical addresses. This trend brings with it equally busy seasons for city’s furniture removals service providers. And it is no wonder that Sydney removalists are always standby to ensure that clients experience the best quality of services.

Crucial market indicators for furniture removals

People and businesses in Sydney switch physical addresses due to a variety of reasons that include: change of economic status, relocation of operations premises, job change, acquisition of new residences or change of marital statuses. Whatever the reason, Sydney removalists always track market parameters that shape the present and future trends of the market. Such parameters include populations, rental housing units, lifestyles, changes in homeownership trends and the demographic profiles of residents.

These market indicators are particularly important in predicting future business volumes. For example, Christine Long’s business article published at The Sunday Morning Herald on 20 October 2015, approximately 2 million households in Australia live in rental homes. If this data is extrapolated to Sydney, which accounts for about 19% of the country’s population according to Sydney Statistical Division, then it would mean that about 380,000 (19% of 2 million) households in Sydney live in rental houses. Therefore, if a proportion of these rental households shift to different homes in any given month there is bound to be high demand for Sydney removalists.

Demographic characteristics of moving population

Demographics is equally an important issue, since young people aged between 18 and 35 tend to move more than older people. In its April 2013 issue of the Australian Social Trends, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that as of “2011, around two-thirds of young adults (64%) were living at an address different to where they were living before five years earlier, while 29% were living elsewhere to where they were living a year earlier.” This is evidence that young people move a lot compared to the other age brackets.

The fundamental considerations of furniture removals

For a household or business seeking the furniture removals services in Sydney, it is always important to shop around for a firm with a proven track record in the industry. Sufficient focus should be directed towards finding a firm that offers a whole suite of services in terms of moving advice, pricing and service delivery. This is because you are entrusting the relocation of valuable items to the firm of your choice. As such, the safety of your furniture and other valuable items is always a paramount consideration during the entire relocation exercise.

Although this would require a bit of comparisons of different furniture removal firms in the city, you can always seek referrals from friends, business partners, relatives or acquaintances. Getting information from the people you trust is actually the best way for identifying a furniture removals firms worthy of partnering with. The idea here is that once you are satisfied with the services of your preferred furniture removals, help will only be a dial away the next time you will need assistance to move your furniture again. It is about building a lasting relationship with a trusted furniture removals firm.