4 Reasons You Should Consider Moving From A Busy City To A Smaller Town

Small town living has always had its own charm. There are beautiful homes going on sale or lease near picturesque areas such as Lake Magellan. A peaceful rural home with outdoor space may be just what you need in 2017. Currently, in the forefront of the real estate game, young professionals choosing to escape the wrath of city work ethic, young families and retirees are looking at properties complete with such amenities like shed house Sunshine Coast properties provide and the joys only rural living can bring.

Smaller Communities

Shed House Sunshine Coast2With homes boasting everything from Cathedral ceilings, outdoor entertainment areas, lush greenery and great value for money, rural living has become a safer, community-driven alternative to city life. Smaller communities mean you would have the pleasure of knowing your neighbors, regular weekend activities for seniors and a family friendly vibe better for raising children. Homes are easily available through real estate with better security, parking space and amenities like a shed house in Sunshine Coast area.

A Healthier Lifestyle

The toxicity levels usually found in cities are significantly lower in towns. You will have better parks to maintain healthier physical fitness and recreational areas with more scenic skylines during the weekend. Smaller towns are usually equipped with community services such as golf courses, swimming clubs, senior friendly villages, nature treks and lots of activities for children on the weekend. Living near the ocean would give you access to the beach where surf culture has always thrived. In a smaller town, you may not have to use your car on a daily basis and have the option of choosing more eco-friendly modes of transportation such as using a bike or cycle.

Space For Living & Startup Businesses

Living away from the city is a great opportunity for self-driven people and DIY projects. Although homes are available with ample garage space and multiple bedrooms, you can rent or purchase portable outdoor work areas such as shed house Sunshine Coast offers. With various sizes, you can make your personal space like a Sunshine Coast shed house into a sublet, a wood workshop, or give your hired employees a space separate from your home for your own startup. Also, useful as a personal storage area, you can find your own portable shed on sites like http://eliteportables.com.au/portable-shed-transportable-homes-house-sunshine-coast/ .

Shared Values

A small town living is an amazing place to raise kids or take care of elderly family members, who might feel restricted in a city. School classrooms would have fewer children allowing better student-teacher relations. With more community driven values, you can escape the demands and unhealthy work culture usually found in larger cities.


Moving from a city to an area such as the Sunshine Coast is a great idea if you want to get away from busy city life. If you have your own business or feel you need more space than your home already allows you, you can always opt for portable units such as a shed house Sunshine Coast offers. Your family will start enjoying weekends together again and you can look forward to a healthier lifestyle.

If you wish to find shed house in Sunshine Coast, you can always visit a real estate agent in that area.